Ah, so that’s what they mean!

Ever wondered what those editorial quotes on the backs of books are all about?
Here’s a quick guide:

a real tear-jerkerwriting so bad it makes you cry
a writer to watchas opposed to one you are actually want to read
absorbingmakes a great coaster
accessiblenot too many big words
acclaimedpoorly selling
affectingI felt something. Could’ve been the book. Could’ve been indigestion.
an ebook originalno proofreading and bad formatting
breathless proseneeds resuscitating
brilliantly defies categorizationeven the author has no clue what he’s turned in
dazzlingprose so gorgeous you won’t really notice that nothing happens
definitivecould have used an editor
epicvery long
grippingthere’s something sticky on the cover
hauntingsat unfinished for months while I read other stuff.
heart-warmingmajor character is a dog, an old guy, or both
in the proud tradition of J R R Tolkienhas a dwarf in it
luminousnot much happens
lyricalnot much happens
meticulously researchedoverloaded with footnotes
novellaa short story with a large font
promising débutflawed
provocativeabout race/religion/sex
sensualsoft porn
stunninga major character dies
unflinchinghas a lot of bad words
weightyI’ve been lugging this monster all over town and I still can’t bring myself to finish it
wildly imaginativethe writer must’ve been on drugs

(Freely adapted from One-Minute Book Reviews)

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